we dream in colour…

“In tandem with our concert in Athens next Thursday as part of the “We Dream In Colour” project,all the artists involved will release a limited edition 7inch single (on the Tourette label) in relation to a specific colour.We chose SILVER and will issue the SILVERYMOON mix of TRANSGENDER WARRIOR coupled with an unreleased track entitled SHIBUKU.It has just dawned on me that this release means that I have now released records (vinyl even) in 5 (FIVE) different decades, starting with The Freeze In Colour ep in 1979.Extra reason to celebrate at this gig next week then.Either that or have an early night…

The gig is on
Thursday, February 17. 22.00
Six D.O.G.S.
Avramiotou 6-8,
Monastiraki Athens,
Greece, 10551

We Dream In Colour

Other artists participating in this wonderful project are : COH, Othon Mataragas & Ernesto Tomasini, Troum, Andrew Zealley, Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo & Little Annie, Andrew Lilles and (I think) Thee Majesty.”